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Establishment of community Breastfeeding clubs in Mafeteng

NutriPower Organization focus on prevention of malnutrition in the first 1000 days, which are very important for children growth. Exclusive breastfeeding is  viable method NutriPower is promoting in Mafeteng and Lesotho.The organization intends to rebuild the community clubs to enhance outstanding community education on importances of Exclusive breasting feeding.


Climate Smart Community Introduction

Food security , accessibility and affordability are the major pillars to end malnutrition with all forms.Due to climate change, Climate smart agriulture is needed to be introduced in communities to promote sustainable agriculture. Communities need to be administered behavioural change education to prepare communities  to produce food for their families. 


Nutrition Survery 

NutriPower organization believes to tackle all the problems causing malnutrition in Lesotho, it is important that the organization understand the cause of malnutirion per community and per district. The research is aimed to enhance the precision in intervetion methods and strategies. The study needs finance and support to resume. We bare in mind that the causes are many and some are underlying.


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