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Community Trainers of Trainees 

NutriPower organization achieved to train trainers of trainees with the help of Food & nutrition Coordinating office(FNCO), MAFS and MOH .Trained community trainers are to move around lesotho to educate the communities concerning good nutrition and on consequences of poor nutrition. The team also train community nutrition clubs on identification of early signs & symptoms of malnutrition.Learn more...


Nutrition Promotion walk(National Event)

A national Nutrition walk supported by the FNCO and Lesotho Defence force (LDF) and other government departments was held succesfully in 2018 by the NutriPower organization. The walk passed through various communites in order to educate communities on good nutrition practices. The fund raised were allocated to families affected by malnutrition crisis.The walk is expected to be an annual walk from the year 2020. Learn more...


Community Under 5 Children Screening 

In 2019, the organization had a succesful program where childern were screend and sent to various clinics for further examination to prevent malnutrition at early stages.A lot of young children ( 3 to 4 years) were discoverd to be starting to be affected by malnutrition. Intensive majors were taken to help the families and the children affected by malnutrition.. Learn more...


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