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Peace Corps Volunteer
( 2019/2020)

Ms. Eden White ( Naledi Thoahlane) is the first Peace Corp Volunteer to be with NutriPower Organization. With her skills in the field of Psychology and food security, she helped in community she was based IN(Matholeng Community). She assisted in Lehcoop Clinic in pharmacy and in youth clubs. She attends community nutrition screening with the organization nutrition health nurse. She loves reading and sharing skills with her peers. She inteded to assist the Matholeng Community with water project during this climate Change times.She lead Bereng High School students in Mafeteng with various projects which includes leadership project known as ( YOLO).


Wepener Road, Opposte BHS
P.O.Box 1116, Mafeteng 0900


Phone: +266 -22700421
Mobile: +266-59003132 



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