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Government of Lesotho

NutriPower Organization partnered with Government of Lesotho Prime-Minister's Office( Food & Nutrition Coordination Office) to prevent malnutrition in Lesotho in all forms. The partnership is mutual as both help each other in order to fight the enemy (Malnutrition). learn more...


Hands of Life Cycling     (Mafeteng)

Hands of life cycling and NutriPower partnerd in promotion of good nutrition and good health. Hands of life provides leadership skills to communities , health and cycling as sports to youth. The partnership provides easy transportation and easy nutrition promotion. Learn more...


Peace-Corp Lesotho

NutriPower Organization and the government of United States of America
(PEACE CORPS) work together in health sectors to reduce HIV& AIDS prevalence and of Sexually Reprodctive health related matters. The nutrition element is related to all health issues. PEACE CORPS Provides experts to help the organization to achieve its goals.Learn more...


Office of the King(Nutrition Champion)

NutriPower Organization and the the office of the Lesotho King work together through the AfDB to promte food security through MMP Farming. The King is a AU Nutrition Champion and a Special Nutrition Ambassodor of FAO.The office assist the organization with motivation to reduce malnutrition CRISIS. Learn more...


Wepener Road, Opposte BHS
P.O.Box 1116, Mafeteng 0900


Phone: +266 -22700421
Mobile: +266-59003132 



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