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He is a founder  member of advisory board committee and President of the organization. He is a professional microbiologist, Biochemist and epidemiologist.

He also supervised Lesotho Finscope with central Bank of Lesotho in 2011 in collaboration with Ask Africa company form South Africa.He attained the certificate of nutrition and knowledge of Healthy management systems at Global health learning Center at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of Public health in collaboration with USAID
.He lead day to day work at the organisation.

He is a member of advisory board committee and is the advisory Chairperson of board at Nutri-Power, He is the graduate in Mathematics from Wadham College, Oxford .He is an Ex-Deputy Prime Minister of Lesotho and Minister of Home Affairs and Public Safety of Lesotho.

He served at various levels of Lesotho government in leadership and administration, With person of his caliber he dedicated his life in helping the vulnerable in the society like helping the orphans and malnourished generation. He is dedicated to see the organization meeting its goals.

She is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with vast of experince who worked at Women and Children Hospital, Manzini Swaziland.  she became a Sexual and Reproductive Health Technical Advisor (UNFPA/Ministry Of Health Lesotho). She was a deputy dean of the stopped Lesotho School of Medicine 

With her understanding of child and health, from maternity untill birth, she has a lot of experience from maternal causes which led to malnutrition in children. Her consultancy is adding in the organization to achieve most of its objectives. 

He is a peadatrician working at the Lesotho Ministrry of Health as a Child health advisor and a specialist in children diseases. He recently attained MPH (Master of Public Health) in South Africa. He studied many short courses which includes “HIV management for managers” at Management Development Institute (MDI) .

His contribution on child malnutrition diseases and clinical research is very valuable towards the organization.

He is the hardworking dedicated member of the board who is a public health specialist and a consultant. He is a medical doctor with vast knowledge on medical research and on biostatistics. He is working with netcare  hospitals as a senior doctor specilzing in public health. He also luctured at the closed Lesotho school of Medicine.

With the person of his skills , NutriPower Organization has the expertice to advice in research.

She is the nutritionist who studied home economics at Lesotho Agricultural College and later Bsc Nutrition at National University of Lesotho. She is working at Food and Nutrition Coordinating Office under the auspices of the Lesotho Prime Minister office. She is based in Mafeteng district as the distict Nutrition Coordinator.

She has various skills and expertise to advice on best strategies to end malnutrition in Mafeteng district.

He is the advisory member of the NutriPower Organization. He is experineced in organization and industrial develoment. He works as an  Industrial Property Counsel at Intellectual Property office, Ministry of Law, Constitutional affairs and Human Rights .

Advocate advices the organization on legal matters for the organization development and for the organization to meet is goals.


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