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" NutriPower Organization Office Park"

Our Brief Background!

Nutri-Power is a registered Non-Governmental voluntary social service organization in 2017 bearing the number 2017/128. It has been founded by Mr Mofao N. Phoka who brought together a group of young youth to reduce malnutrition crises. The members of the organization are with mixed skills which include agriculture, field of medicine, public health and advocacy; in order to fight and end all forms of  malnutrition in all dimensions. Some members are experienced in the field of development and social education; they came together to establish “Nutri-Power”translated in Sesotho "Matla- a-Phepo".

Members established the organization in order to give their voluntary services without expecting any majority benefits but with the vision of bringing the society to good health since poor health affect almost everyone in a community.

Since its inception, the organization is starting to carry out many malnutrition activities, especially in educating about good nutrition in rural and urban of Mafeteng district. NutriPower focuses on women, children, youth, and unorganized sectors through support and counteraction programmes with a vision of translating malnutrition into meaningful expression of social action and development .

                                                              "We fight Malnutrition" 


Wepener Road, Opposte BHS
P.O.Box 1116, Mafeteng 0900  


Phone: +266 -22700421
Mobile: +266-59003132 



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