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NutriPower Organization has a strong vision through its core values to achieve the ending of malnutrition in all forms.


The vision of the NutriPower project is to build a future generation equipped with enough information to end malnutrition in all forms and to ensure that all childrenand vulnerable communities have access to nutritious food.


• To work with all grass root level groups.
• Teach them about proper nutrition on available food(Investing in      human Capital). 
• Intensive breastfeeding education and assistance in communities.
• Hold fun-walks and various strategies to bring the the good    nutrition and malnutrition  awareness. 
• Give seeds and help in diverse vegetable production through  climate smart agriculture (Behavioral Change Programs). 
• To work with all communities without discrimination for the  development of target group.
• To educate and hold siminars with senior officers, government  officials in order to fight malnutrition.
• Development of linkages with similar Organizations. 


Wepener Road, Opposte BHS
P.O.Box 1116, Mafeteng 0900



Phone: +266 -22700421
Mobile: +266-59003132


Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.